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Be sure to read the terms and conditions before proceeding to download. By downloading the program you automatically agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions associated with it. The software is delivered by electronic distribution only. It's very important to read the QuickStart section and License Agreement before running OneKaraoke for the first time. For ensuring hassle-free installation and setting up of the software, we strongly recommend you to verify the system requirements below before running OneKaraoke.

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 System Requirements   

  • Intel® Pentium® III 800MHz, AMD Athlon™ 800 MHz, or higher
  • Microsoft® Windows® 98SE, 2000, ME or XP
  • 128 MB RAM (256 MB or above is recommended)
  • 40 MB of available hard drive space for program installation
  • DirectX® Runtime 8.1 driver or above
  • Windows® compatible sound card
  • Windows® compatible display with XGA (1024 X 768) resolution
  • Windows® compatible wired or wireless keyboard (Infra-red, RF, etc.)
  • Also check the optional PC and audio requirements by visiting the Support section.

 Features Summary   

Comprehensive File Type Support
Most popular file types are supported, including mpg, wmv, avi, dat, mov, mid, kar, mp3, wma, etc.
Flexible Content Management
You decide how your songs are organized and no complicated admin tool to deal with. Only basic Windows file management knowledge is sufficient for OneKaraoke administration.
Media Transport Control
Fast Forward, Rewind, Replay, Pause, Skip Song, Delete Song in Queue, Move Song to Queue Top, etc.
Ease of Operation
Operated by keyboard, numeric-keypad, or optional handheld infra-red remote control for "mouseless" operation
Full screen or Framed Video area
Intuitive user interface that supports framed video or full screen playback tailored for single-screen setup
Automatic Content Update
Automatically load song files from hard disk folders
Dual Monitor Support
Separate GUIs that support single and dual PC screens
Skinnable User Interface
Ability to personalize most user interface graphics with own designs
Worldwide Song File Language
Foreign language filename compatibility (Windows OS version specific)
Audio Output Channel Control
Adjust and memorize multiplexed audio Left/Right/Stereo setting for each played song, with automatic level compensation
Personal Bookmarks
Personal bookmarks (i.e. used-defined Song Queues) for recalling frequently-played songs
Song Index Printing
Create song book by printing Song List to default printer
Usage History
Automatically generate usage histories in html format, all consolidated into one file. Click here to see a sample
User Definable Song Categories
Up to 20 song categories with unlimited number of songs can be created
Unlimited Songs in Queue Unlimited number of songs can be queued in each Song Queue and bookmark
Juke Box Mode Jukebox mode for adding whole song list into Song Queue
Network Storage Support Supports centralized song storage on LAN for setting up in multiple rooms.
Technical Support Technical support and professional setup advices via email
Free Upgrade Free upgrade for future versions

Download OneKaraoke v3.7e Now! or Purchase Here

 Optional Controllers

Numeric Pad

While you may already be equipped with a PC keyboard (wired or wireless) to operate "OK", we recommend the following add-ons that will greatly enhance the OneKaraoke experience:

  • Numeric Keypad - can be purchased from most computer shops; or
  • Handheld Infra-red Remote Control - you may use a fully programmable remote control to learn and simulate keyboard keystrokes. This kind of device uses Infra-red (IR) technology and require you to have a IR receiver of some kind, and is not compatible with RF receivers. And not all programmable remote store PC keystrokes, users need to check with respective supplier. have a limited supply of programmable controls which are already pre-programmed with the correct keystrokes. If you are interested in getting one of these, please contact for details.

Handheld Remote

 Dual Monitor Support   


If your PC is equipped with compatible video display card with extended desktop capability, you can have two separate screens for even easier access to the features. In such setup, one PC screen displays full-screen video at all time, while another screen displays the user interface.

This type of setup requires the PC to have an extra display card that supports Windows' Extend Desktop feature (to provide a screen resolution of 2048x768 pixels across two PC displays), some laptops' graphic chips (such as from Intel) may also have this capability. To check for compatibility please consult your PC's user manual.

Welcome to OneKaraoke download. Here you can download the most recent release of the software. Simply run the downloaded installer and you will have it setup quickly. Upon installation completion, there is a short QuickStart guide to get you running OneKaraoke in the quickest way. Please walk through these QuickStart pages before running OneKaraoke for the first time. And if you don't have any content handy, feel free to download the sample content provided below.
 OneKaraoke version 3.7c Download
(what will I download?)
(file size 12.4 MB)

Sample Content Download (low resolution multiplexed mpg files demo)

Happy Birthday.mpg
Instruction: Right-click above link and select "Save Target As..." and select a folder to save into. If you already have OneKaraoke installed, save into any of the Category-xxxx folders as in C:\OneKaraoke\Category-xxxx\

Auld Lang Syne.mpg
Instruction: Right-click above link and select "Save Target As..." and select a folder to save into. If you already have OneKaraoke installed, save into any of the Category-xxxx folders as in C:\OneKaraoke\Category-xxxx\


If you have any problem in download or installation please email .We will assist you very shortly.

 Other Tools of Interest

There are a good number of free tools that can assist you in common video file version and file management tasks, we have picked a few essential or popular tools that may be of interest to you:

Tool Purpose
DirectX DirectX is a Windows technology that enables higher performance in graphics and sound when you're playing games or watching video on your PC. OneKaraoke runs with DirectX 8.1 or later. We strongly recommend you to install the latest version.
Windows Media Player Essential install for all Windows PC (and OneKaraoke) and usually come pre-installed with Windows. If you are using old version of Windows, try this link. We recommend you upgrade to the latest version.
Quicktime Essential component if you wish to play .mov, and .kar files in OneKaraoke, we strongly recommend you to install it.
VCD Gear Extract MPG streams from CD images, convert VCD files to MPG, correct MPG errors, and more...
DVD2AVI Converts MPEG-2 streams to AVI (includes the VFAPI plug-in)
TreeComp Keep 2 directory trees and the files within the directories in perfect synchronization. Useful if you keep a master of cong directories while use a copy in the OneKaraoke PC.
D-Zip Unzip multiple zip files to a single folder, all done in one pass.
Directory Printer Print a listing of every file contained within a directory and/or subdirectory(ies). Convenient altenative for song cataloging or record-keeping.
TMPGEnc Converts .AVI file to MPEG1/2 files, the format which is used in VideoCD/DVD, and allows user to adjust bitrate, quantize matrix, GOP structure, Interlace and many other parameters.
Windows Media Encoder Encode high-quality multichannel sound, high-definition video quality, and support for mixed-mode voice and music content, and more.
STOIK Video Converter Convert AVI, WMV, DV files in all possible combinations, can convert to single or multiple output video files. Now supports DivX + MP3 AVI, Windows Media 9, multiple file conversion, and file merging.
MPEG Scissors Cut, split or join single or multiple MPEG files.
DVD2SVCD Encode your DVD , DVB , VOB , MPEG or AVI into DVD , SVCD or VCD

If you have any tools to recommend, please email , thank you!

Download OneKaraoke v3.7e Now! or Purchase Here


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