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In the past twenty years Karaoke had successfully established its place in our metropolitan lifestyles, and karaoke can provide great entertainment for people of all ages, from raw amateurs to the pros and celebrity. The Japanese word "Karaoke" has become so popular that it has been added to the recent editions of Oxford Dictionaries. Many people now own a karaoke machine that runs on video discs or tapes, and as their collection grows they find it more difficult to locate the songs they sang frequently, not to mention the longer it take for them to swap discs along the way. In fact, unless they invest in automated disc changers or proprietary systems as found in commercial karaoke facilities, most karaoke fans have to live with the pain of never-ending disc swapping. OneKaraoke ("OK") is a media player with a twist, and it inherited many smart features that make you agree that it is the best PC Karaoke Software. As a start, "OK" supports most popular files derived from VCD, CD, DVD and Internet, including mpg, wmv, mp3, mov, kar, mid, avi, dat, wma, etc., and the Song List, Song Queue and Bookmark features work together seamlessly to give you the most flexible control. If you love karaoke as much as we do, you will find OneKaraoke an indispensible tool. It's time to say goodbye to the old machine and experience the true karaoke power with "OK"!

 OneKaraoke's Smart Features   

the above only represents a small part of its feaures, why not explore its full, impressive list of features here.

 OneKaraoke's GUI Overview   

GUI Glossary

"OK" Needs No Mouse
Once OneKaraoke is launched, the mouse can shy away as all operations are manipulated with simple toggling keystrokes (with PC keyboard, or numeric keypad, or optional remote control unit) "OK" has a very intuitive operation design so you can focus on your best karaoke performance. The following examples illustrate how easy it is to operate "OK". For other operations of features please refer to user manual included in the package.

 Dual Monitor Support   


If your PC is equipped with compatible video display card with extended desktop capability, you can have two separate screens for even easier access to the features. In such setup, one PC screen displays full-screen video at all time, while another screen displays the user interface.

This type of setup requires the PC to have an extra display card that supports Windows' Extend Desktop feature, some laptop models with external VGA output may also have this capability. To check for compatibility please consult your PC's user manual.

  OneKaraoke Applications

OneKaraoke is ideal for homes, leisure clubs, hotels, restaurants, etc. It provides users a new degree of control & flexibility with uninterrupted enjoyment. OneKaraoke also carries a skinnable user interface so the creative-minded users can change the "OK" interface for differnt occasions (e.g. Birthday Parties, Sweet 16 Parties, Holiday Parties, Anniversaries, Reunions, Graduations, Outdoor Parties, Awards Banquets, Fund Raisers,etc). And its expandability means you can simply install it on your existing PC, or integrate with your audio system to deliver the ultimate in karaoke experience.

  • Home
  • Club
  • Karaoke Bar
  • Community Center
  • Church
  • Concert Hall
  • Hotel & Restaurant
  • etc.

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